Locomotive Engineering Industry

                      Locomotive Engineering Industry

Established in 1999, Locomotive Engineering Industry was incorporated into the Metals and Engineering Corporation in 2010.  Located 45 km East of Addis Ababa, in the town of Bishoftu, BAI assembles public transportation buses, inter-city buses, heavy duty trucks, pick-ups and SUVs. 





Locomotive Engineering Industry  – Fact Sheet


Company Background

Bishoftu Automotive Industry (BAI) was established in 1999 and placed under the management of the ministry of National  Defense. It was incorporated into the Metals and Engineering corporation in 2010.


Located 45 km outside of Addis Ababa in the town of Bishoftu.



     ·         Assembly of city buses, tractors, dump trucks, low-bed trucks and high-bed trucks.

     ·     Assembly of pick-ups, cross country buses, mid-size buses, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) is planned.


     ·         Overhauling of tanks and armoured personnel carriers (APCs). 

Applications/Uses of Products

Public transport, construction, transportation of materials and goods, and military purposes.


Transport, construction and military

Major Customers

     ·         Addis Ababa Anbesa city service enterprise

     ·         Federal water works enterprise

     ·         Oromia water works enterprise

     ·         South water works enterprise

     ·         Amhara water works enterprise

     ·         Tigray water works enterprise

     ·         SPNNP state transport bureau

     ·         Ministry of Agriculture

Major Suppliers

     ·         Liaoning Huanghai Automotive IMP

     ·         FAW African Investment

     ·         Sino truck Import export Co.Ltd

     ·         Yutong Hongkong limited

     ·         China North Industries corporation

     ·         Poly Technologies Inc.

     ·         Kunshan special purpose Vehicle manufacturing

Contact Information

General Manager:

Maj. Tesgaye  

Cap. Mesfin Guracha 

Office No:

             +251 114 338 208

Marketing office No:

            +251 114 338 950

Fax:    +251 114 339 950


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