Locomotive Engineering Industry

Locomotive Engineering Industry

Background and Establishment

Locomotive Engineering Industry was established under the then Bishoftu Automotive & Locomotive Industry in 2003 E.C in sub industry level. This industryis striving hard to fulfill its given responsibility, being a domestic supplier as well as engineering and technical consultant to the railway sector. Now it is closely working with Ethiopian Rail way Corporation aiming to build light as well as heavy carriage locomotives that will serve in transporting cargos and passengers within cities and inter cities.When building the trial locomotives, big private industries as well as small and micro enterprises took part. Besides, the industry also acquired 100 hectares of land from the DireDawa City Administration to build an industrial unit which fully manufactures freight wagons and rail stock technology domestically.


*    To make our country modern rail transit manufacturer and owner of the technology.


*    Upgrading and producing light rail transit /LRT/, Electric multiple units /EMU/, Freight electric locomotives and Wagons with low cost and effectively satisfy our customers’ needs.

*    Using knowledge of rolling stock technology for the development our country locomotives.

*    Getting in the worlds rolling stock market and decrease the consumption of foreign currency.

Production Factories

1.     Locomotive manufacturing factory

2.     Electric Multiple Unit(emu) manufacturing factory

3.     Wagons manufacturing factory

4.     Light Rail Transit (LRT) manufacturing factory

5.     Trolley Bus manufacturing factory

 Main product

*    Light rail transit (LRT)

*    Electric Multiple Units (EMU)

*    Locomotives

*    Trolley Bus

*    Wagons

-         Flat wagons                          -  Box wagon

-         Gondola car wagon              -  Tank wagon



Marketing and Sales

Tel:                         +251 11 869 95 89

+251 11 558 07 52

Fax +251 115 58 00 52                                         

P.O .box52/1064   Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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